MIPI Alliance Manufacturer ID Page

MIPI Manufacturer ID [MSB LSB] Board Members
01h 05h Intel Corporation
01h 01h Nokia Corporation
01h 0Bh Samsung Electronics
01h 04h STMicroelectronics N.V.
01h 02h Texas Instruments Incorporated
01h 26h Toshiba Corporation
MIPI Manufacturer ID [MSB LSB] Contributor Members
01h 12h Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
01h E1h Advantest
01h 77h Analog Devices, Inc.
02h 59h Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.
02h BAh Apple, Inc.
01h 54h Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.
01h 03h ARM Limited
01h 9Bh ATMEL
01h 07h Avago Technologies
03h 18h Avery Design Systems, Inc.
02h 94h BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH
01h 2Dh Broadcom
01h C9h Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
01h FAh Cirrus Logic
03h 6Dh Conexant Systems Inc.
01h CBh Dialog Semiconductor
03h 90h DisplayLink Corp.
02h 8Ah Faraday Technology Corporation
02h 72h Google, Inc.
01h EBh Graphin Co., Ltd.
02h 5Ah HDL Design House
01h A8h HiSilicon Technologies
01h 1Ah Infineon Technologies AG
03h 2Bh Introspect Test Technology Inc.
02h 3Dh Keysight Technologies Inc.
01h 91h Knowles Electronics
02h 0Fh Lattice Semiconductor
01h 9Eh Lattice Semiconductor Corp.
01h 55h Lauterbach GmbH
02h 27h LeCroy
01h 2Ah LG Electronics Inc.
01h C1h LnK
02h EDh M31 Technology Corp
01h 1Ch Marvell Semiconductor
01h 9Fh Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
02h 08h MediaTek
01h 35h MediaTek, Inc.
02h 9Ch Mentor Graphics Corporation
01h 33h Micron Technology, Inc.
02h CBh Microsoft Corporation
01h 73h Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.
01h 99h Mixel, Inc.
02h 0Ch Murata Manufacturing
01h 60h Novatek Microelectronics Corp.
01h 20h NVIDIA
01h 1Bh NXP Semiconductors
01h 21h OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
01h 2Eh ON Semiconductor
02h CDh Phison Electronics Corporation
03h 53h Protocol Insight, LLC
02h 17h Qualcomm Incorporated
01h BBh QuickLogic
02h 76h R2 Semiconductor
02h 5Dh Realtek Semiconductor
02h 66h Renesas Electronics Corporation
01h D4h Research In Motion Ltd
01h 31h SanDisk
01h E4h Silicon Line GmbH
02h 4Ah SK Hynix
01h A5h Skyworks Solutions Inc.
02h 81h SmartDV Technologies India
03h 8Ch Socionext Inc.
01h B0h Sony Corporation
01h 0Dh Sony Mobile Communications
01h F1h Spreadtrum Communications Shanghai
02h 3Ch Synaptics
01h 48h Synopsys, Inc.
01h D1h Tektronix Test and Measurement
01h 79h Teradyne, Inc.
02h ABh Testronic Laboratories
02h 0Ah The Moving Pixel Company
02h 86h TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
02h 8Dh UNH-IOL
02h 06h VLSI Plus
02h 43h WiSpry Inc.
MIPI Manufacturer ID [MSB LSB] Adopters Members
03h 87h AAC Technologies Pte Ltd.
01h F7h ACCO Semiconductors Inc.
03h 36h Accverinos Co., Ltd.
02h 61h ACP Advanced Circuit Pursuit
03h 49h Airoha Technology Corp.
02h AEh Alchip Technologies
03h 46h Aldebaran-Robotics
03h 12h Algoltek, Inc
02h D5h Allied Vision Technologies
03h 32h Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd.
01h 49h Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
02h 6Bh Altasens, Inc.
01h 7Bh Ambarella
02h E0h Anapass
03h 0Bh Aragio, Inc.
01h DDh Asahi Kasei EMD Corp.
02h 13h ASSET InterTech, Inc.
03h 6Eh Atomos Engineering Pty Ltd.
01h 86h AU Optronics Corp.
02h E1h Audio Precision
01h 08h Austriamicrosystems.
03h b2h Autoliv
03h 48h Avegant Corporation
02h 3Fh Axis Communications AB
02h E2h Baysand Inc.
03h 83h Beijing Pinecone Electronics Co., Ltd.
02h ADh BitSim AB
03h 8Dh Brillnics Inc.
02h E5h BriteIP Microelectronics
03h 09h Canon
02h 7Fh Cavendish Kinetics Ltd.
02h B7h Chikuma Seiki Co., Ltd.
01h A2h Chimei Innolux
03h 47h China UniChip Technologies Inc.
02h F6h Chroma Ate Inc.
02h A1h Cisco Systems Inc.
03h 3Ch Cista System Corp.
01h 44h Citizen Finedevice Co., Ltd.
02h 01h Curious Corp.
02h 1Fh DA-Design Oy
03h 57h Daqri, LLC
03h 39h Dell Inc.
03h adh Digital Blocks, Inc.
03h b3h Digital Core Design
02h 39h Dongbu Hitek
02h A2h Dongwoon Anatech
02h B8h Dream Chip Technologies
02h 68h DSP Group Ltd.
02h F1h E2V Semiconductors
02h 48h EPCOS AG
03h 41h Ericsson AB
01h 45h ESS Technology, Inc.
03h 56h ETA Devices, Inc.
02h 37h Ethertronics, Inc
03h 69h Etra Technologies Limited
02h CFh Etron Technology, Inc.
01h 84h Fairchild Semiconductor Int'l
02h BCh Ferfics Limited
02h FFh Fitipower Integrated Technology
02h A7h Flir Systems, Inc.
01h E2h FocalTech Systems, Ltd.
02h 2Ch ForteMedia
02h 95h Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
03h 70h Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.
02h B0h Galaxycore, Inc.
02h 32h Gazogiken Co., Ltd.
02h 58h GDA Technologies
03h afh Gentex Corporation
02h D1h Geo Semiconductor,
03h 5Fh Global Silicon Studios Inc.
01h E6h Global Unichip Corp.
03h 50h GoPro, Inc.
03h a4h Gowin Semiconductor
01h 71h Guobo Electronics Co., Ltd.
02h C5h Harman Automotive Division
03h 2Eh Heptagon Micro Optics Pte Ltd.
03h 5Eh Hewlett-Packard Co.
01h 62h Himax Technologies, Inc.
03h 3Dh Hong Kong Huntersun Electronic Limited
02h B3h Hoya Corporation
02h 96h HTC Corporation
03h 5Bh I.S.X. Corporation
02h D9h iCatch Technology, Inc.
02h 22h IDT
03h 0Eh IIX, Co.
01h A7h Ili Technology
01h 18h Imagination Technologies Limited
03h b4h Imaging Device Technologies Corp.
03h 61h Immersive Media Co.
03h b0h Impinj
02h F5h Innotech Corporation
03h 74h Inova Semiconductors
01h D2h Intersil Corporation
01h 3Fh Intrinsix Corp.
03h 51h InvenSense, Inc.
03h 88h iSentek Inc.
02h FDh ITE Tech. Inc.
01h 93h Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd (JAE)
01h 9Ch Japan Display Inc.
03h 28h Kopin Corporation
02h BFh Kyocera
02h F8h Lab126
03h 4Eh Lansus Technologies Inc., Formerly belonging to Nationz Technologies
03h 58h Lenovo (Japan) Ltd.
01h DAh LG Display
01h F0h Liteon Technology Corp.
03h 2Fh Lontium Semiconductors
03h 30h Macnica, Inc.
03h 91h Magic Leap Inc.
01h 3Dh MagnaChip Semiconductor, Ltd.
03h aah Maxscend Microelectronics Company Limited
02h F7h Megachips Corporation
02h 51h Memsic
03h a8h MicaSense
03h a3h Micronics Japan Co., Ltd.
03h 4Dh Microsemi Corp.
02h D3h Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
02h 5Ch Movidius Ltd.
03h 89h mPerpetuo, Inc.
01h CCh MStar Semiconductor, Inc.
03h 95h Nanjing New Star Electronics Technology
02h 9Fh Nascent Objects Inc.
02h 92h New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
02h FEh Nikon Corporation
03h 33h Nintendo Co., Ltd.
02h 91h Nippon Systemware Co., LLC
01h 4Bh Nordic Semiconductor ASA
02h 1Eh Northwest Logic
03h 3Eh Nutoton Technology Corporation America
03h 14h Oculus VR, Inc.
02h C1h Olympus Corporation
03h 65h Orlaco Products
01h 40h Panasonic Corporation
02h 98h Parade Technologies, Ltd.
03h 03h Parrot
01h CAh PixArt Imaging Inc.
01h 6Dh Pixelplus co., Ltd.
03h 07h Pixelworks Inc
02h ACh Prodigy Technovations Pvt.
03h a5h Pulse Finland Oy
03h a6h Quanergy Systems Inc.
03h 97h Raspberry Pi (Trading) Limited
01h D0h Raydium Semiconductor Corp.
03h 23h RED Digital
01h F3h Ricoh
03h 99h RightHand Technologies
01h 7Eh Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg
01h 58h Rohm Co., Ltd
03h 11h Samsung Electro-Mechanics
03h 27h SANA Semiconductors Limited
03h 64h Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co.
03h b6h Sensirion AG
02h 6Ch Sequans Communications
01h 6Eh Sharp Corporation
02h 41h Shikino High Tech Co. Ltd
03h a1h Shimadzu Corp.
03h 5Ch SignalCraft Technologies Inc.
02h D6h Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
01h 88h Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
03h b5h Silicon Library, Inc.
03h a2h Silicon Mitus
01h FBh Silicon Motion
02h ECh Silicon Optronics
02h 2Ah Silicon Works
03h a9h SiliconGo Microelectronics Inc.
03h aeh Silvaco Inc.
03h 98h Sirin Mobile Technologies AG
01h 63h Sitronix
02h E9h Smarter Microelectronics
02h 1Dh SMK Corp.
01h 57h Solomon Systech Ltd.
01h EFh Sonix Technology Co. Ltd.
03h 9ah Spectra7 Microsystems
02h 69h StreamDSP LLC
02h 89h StreamDSP LLC
03h 9bh Stryker
02h C0h Sunplus Innovation Technologies, Inc.
01h 39h Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
03h 85h Tateno Dennou, Inc.
02h 35h TDK Corporation
03h 9ch Techpoint Inc.
03h abh Tendyron Corp.
02h 9Dh Tera Probe, Inc.
03h a7h Tesla Motors
03h 4Bh Test Evolution
03h ach The LightCo, Inc.
02h 2Bh THine
03h 6Bh Think Silicon Ltd.
03h 5Dh TLi Inc.
02h FAh Tobii Technology AB
03h 8Eh Top Engineering
03h 1Ah Toppan Technical Design Center Co. Ltd.
03h 2Dh Trigence Semiconductor Inc.
02h F4h Truechip Solutions PVT LTD
02h 64h u-blox AG
02h 00h Valens
03h 38h VanChip Technologies Limited
03h b1h VeriSilicon Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
03h 9dh VIA Alliance Technology
03h 9eh Waves Audio
03h 55h Wipro Ltd.
03h 9fh Wistron
03h 93h WZ Technology, Inc.
03h 08h Xacti Corp
03h a0h Xeltek
01h EAh Xilinx Inc.
MIPI Manufacturer ID [MSB LSB] Non-Members and Affiliates (**see note below table)
01h AFh 3D Labs
02h 54h AAC Acoustic Technologies
02h C4h Aava Mobile Oy
03h 05h AC6
03h 8Ah Acano Ltd.
02h 79h Acsys
01h BEh Actel
02h 20h Actions Semiconductor
02h B9h Active-Semi, Inc.
01h DBh Acutelogic Corporation
03h 59h Advanced Ceramic X Corporation
01h 5Bh Advasense
02h 4Ch Aeroflex
01h 90h Agere Systems
01h 95h Agilent Technologies, Inc.
01h EEh AIE Etudes SA
02h C3h Aizyc Technology Private Limited
01h 5Ch Akustica, Inc.
02h DAh Alcor Micro Corp.
02h 14h Ali Corporation
02h 18h Ali Corporation
01h EDh Altair Semiconductor
02h 3Ah Altek Corporation
01h 7Fh Altera Corp.
01h 4Ah Altus Technology, Inc.
02h 6Dh Always Innovating
02h 2Fh Amalfi Semiconductor
02h AAh Amimon
02h 74h Amlogic, Inc.
02h 6Eh Amphenol Corporation
03h 0Dh Analog Bits
01h 80h Andes Technology
01h 6Ah Anoto AB
01h C8h Anritsu Corporation
03h 22h AnSem NV
01h 36h Anyka Technologies Corporation
02h 36h Aptina Imaging
02h B5h Arium
02h E3h Arrow Devices PVT LTD
02h 4Bh Arteris Holdings Inc.
01h 70h Artimi
02h F3h Artvision Technologies Inc.
01h 92h Association of Next Generation Computing Industry
02h 26h Atra Vision Inc.
01h 13h Atsana Semiconductor Corp.
02h BEh Audience. Inc.
01h 6Ch AudioAsics A/S
02h 71h Augusta Technology USA, Inc.
01h A1h Aurora Optical
02h 2Dh Aurora VLSI
03h 25h AVAL Data Corporation
03h 40h Avnera Corporation
03h 43h Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
02h 50h Beceem Communications
03h 20h Beijing Acuti Microsystems
01h 0Ch BenQ Mobile GmbH &Co. OHG
01h CEh Bitwave Semiconductor
01h 71h Bivio
02h EAh Black Sand Technologies
01h 7Dh Bluespec Inc.
03h 4Ch BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.
02h 4Fh Borqs Ltd.
01h D7h bTendo
01h DFh BYD Microelectronics Co. Ltd
01h 29h California Micro Devices
01h 14h Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.
02h DDh Camplex LLC
03h 94h Canaantek
02h 40h Canesta
01h F6h Canesta, Inc.
02h 05h Celestial Semiconductor Inc.
03h 35h Cellwise Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
01h 82h Centrality Communications, Inc.
01h 52h Chipnuts Technology (Shanghai) Inc.
01h BDh Chrontel Inc.
02h 55h Cloud Four
02h 22h CMOSIS
03h 54h Cognitive Systems Corp.
02h 62h Cognovo Ltd.
02h DFh Compund Photonics
02h 34h Comsys Communication and Signal Processing
01h 3Bh Core Logic, Inc.
01h FCh Cosmic Circuits Pvt Ltd
02h F2h Critical Link, LLC
01h BAh Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
01h 76h Cypress Semiconductor, Inc.
02h C7h CyWee Group Limited
03h 0Fh Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
03h 92h Dediprog Technology co., Ltd.
03h 45h Dell Inc.
03h 01h DENSO Corp
02h 03h DFT Microsystems Canada, Inc.
01h 64h DGIST
01h 78h Dialog Imaging System
01h 37h Discretix Technologies
02h 45h Dongbu HiTek
03h 17h DRS Technologies, Inc.
02h A5h E-Globaledge Corporation
02h 21h EADS Secure Networks OY
03h 73h EASII IC
01h 98h Eastman Kodak Company
02h 90h ECT, Inc.
02h 1Ch einfochips, Inc.
02h 15h Elan Digital Systems Ltd.
01h 9Dh Elektrobit Wireless Communications Ltd
01h 5Dh Elpida Memory, Inc.
03h 00h Elvees Neotek
02h 1Bh Empty
02h C8h Emulation and Verification Engineering
01h 4Ch Enpirion, Inc.
03h 24h EnSilica Limited
01h 09h Ericsson AB
01h A3h Esterel Technologies
03h 37h Evatronix, S. A.
03h 6Ah eWBM
03h 86h Eyenix Co., Ltd.
03h 02h F-Brain Co., LTD
01h 6Fh Fangtek, Ltd.
03h 3Bh FAZTech Research Ltd.
03h 1Ch FCI Japan K.K.
01h E5h FCI's-Hertogenbosch BV
01h DEh Finisar-Advanced Optical Components Div
02h D8h Flat Frog Laboratories
02h D7h FlatFrog Laboratories AB
02h 6Fh Flextronics Innovative Development
01h C6h Foveon, Inc.
01h 51h Freescale Semiconductor
01h ACh Fuji Electric Device Technology Co. Ltd.
01h BCh Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.
02h 42h Fujifilm Corporation
01h B2h Fujikura Ltd.
01h BFh Fujitsu Limited
01h 50h Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH
02h 7Ah Funai Electric Co., Ltd
01h FEh Garmin
01h 3Eh GCT Semiconductor
02h E4h Generalplus Technology Inc.
02h 02h Genesys Logic, Inc.
02h D4h Genetec Corporation
02h 3Bh Gennum Corp
03h 1Fh GigaLane
03h 2Ch Granite River Labs, Inc.
02h A4h Guandong Nufront
03h 52h Haoxin Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
02h DEh HCL Technologies
02h A6h Hioki E.E. Corporation
01h 83h Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.
02h 53h Hitachi Metals
01h CDh Hitachi, Ltd.
02h 65h Hon Hai Precision Co. Ltd
01h A6h Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co, Ltd.
02h 7Bh HongKong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
01h 87h Hosiden Corporation
01h ADh I-PEX Co. Ltd.
01h 42h IC Media Corporation
01h 17h Icera, Inc.
01h 7Ch iKoa Corporation
01h 19h IMEC
02h 99h Immedia Semiconductor
02h EBh Infinite Z
03h 2Ah Infomax Communication Co. Ltd.
02h 85h Innofidei, Inc
01h D5h Innolux Display Corp.
01h 25h Innosilicon Technology Ltd.
02h 09h Inomize Ltd.
03h 13h Inside Secure
01h 8Eh Insilica
02h 31h Insilica
01h E0h Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
01h C3h InterDigital Communications, LLC
02h 12h Intermec Technologies Corp.
01h FDh Invisage
03h 62h Invisible Industries
02h 8Fh IO Semiconductor Inc.
02h 4Eh IP Wireless
03h 7Ch Iron Device Corp.
01h 38h ITRI/SoC Technology Center
01h B7h J.S.T. Mfg Co. Ltd.
02h 87h Javelin Semiconductor
02h 84h JMicron Technology Corp.
03h 3Ah KARL STORZ Imaging, Inc.
02h AFh Kawasaki Microelectronics,
02h 5Bh Keynote Systems, Inc.
02h CCh King Yuan Electronics Co. Ltd.
03h b7h Kionix Inc.
01h 81h Kodak
02h 19h Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.
02h 44h Korea Telecom
02h 73h Kozio, Inc.
03h 21h Kumu Networks, Inc.
02h 83h Kyocera Elco Corporation
01h 47h Leadis Technology, Inc.
01h 65h LetsVision Co. Ltd.
03h 68h Logic PD, Inc.
01h C5h Logipard AB
01h E3h Logitech
02h DCh Lytro Inc.
01h 1Dh M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers
03h 8Fh M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
02h FCh Marshall Electronics, Inc.
02h 52h Masamb Electronics Systems Private Ltd
02h 7Eh Masterimage3d Asia, LLC
03h 81h Maxscend Technologies
02h 30h MCCI Corporation
01h 0Ah Mentor Graphics Corporation
02h B1h Micrel
02h B2h Micrel
03h 4Ah Micro Mobio
02h BBh Microvision
02h E6h Millogic
03h 34h Minato Electronics Inc.
03h 0Ah MindShare, Inc.
01h D9h Mindspeed
02h 80h MIPS Technologies
01h 94h MIPSABG Chipidea, Lda
01h 97h Mirics Semiconductor
01h B5h Mirics Semiconductor
01h D8h Mobilygen Corp.
01h 96h Molex Japan Co., Ltd.
01h DCh MoSys, Inc.
01h 28h Motorola Mobility, Inc.
02h C6h Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd.
03h 4Fh Movea
02h 33h Mtekvision
01h F8h Mtekvision Co. Ltd.
01h 2Bh Mtekvision Co., Ltd.
03h 1Dh MultiTouch Ltd.
03h 1Eh Naim Audio Ltd.
01h C2h Nanotech Semiconductors Ltd
02h 9Bh National Instruments
01h 1Eh National Semiconductor
02h 6Ah NEC Corporation
02h 60h NEC Corporation [an affiliate of NEC Casio Mobile]
01h 41h NEC Electronics Corporation
01h 1Fh NeoMagic Corporation
01h 66h Nethra Imaging
01h C0h Neuricam SPA
02h DBh Newlans Inc.
02h 1Ah Newport Media Inc.
01h D3h Nextest Systems Corp.
02h 8Bh Nextivity Inc.
01h 59h Nextreaming Corporation
03h 31h Nintento Co., Ltd
01h 6Bh Novelics Design
02h 78h nSys Design Systems
02h 7Ch Nujira Ltd.
03h 19h Nuvoton Technology Corporation America
02h 24h O2 Micro
01h C4h Octasic
01h 8Ch Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd
01h 7Ah Omron corporation
03h 1Bh Onestar Technology Co. Ltd.
02h 75h OpenPeak, Inc.
02h 25h Option NV
01h 8Bh Orise Technology
02h E7h Ostendo Technologies
01h 72h Palm, Inc.
02h D2h Peraso Technologies
02h 3Eh Peregrine Semiconductor
01h 5Fh PicoNetics, Inc.
02h 7Dh Pixim, Inc.
01h B3h Pixtronix Inc.
01h A4h PMC-Sierra, Inc.
02h 57h Point Grey
02h C2h poLight AS
01h 61h PortalPlayer, Inc.
01h 4Dh Pulse MEMS Aps
02h 11h Pulsus Technologies
02h EEh Qnovo
03h 10h Quanta Computer Inc.
02h B4h Quantance, Inc.
02h 82h Rapid Bridge LLC
02h 9Ah RDA Microelectronics, Inc.
02h F9h ReconRobotics, Inc.
01h 22h Renesas Technology Corp.
03h 6Ch REVSONIC Corporation
01h 34h RF Micro Devices
03h 26h RFaxis Inc.
01h 75h RFI Global Services, Ltd.
02h 77h Richtek Technology
03h 3Fh RichWave Technology Corporation
03h 44h RichWave Technology Corporation
01h F5h Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg
01h 53h Rohm Co., Ltd.
02h 88h S3 Graphics, Inc.
02h 5Eh Sand 9, Inc.
01h C7h Sandbridge Technologies Inc.
02h E8h Sanei Hytechs Co. LTD
01h A9h Sanyo
01h ECh Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
02h 10h Scalado
02h 0Eh Scalado AB
02h 56h ScriptPro
01h 68h Seagate Technolgy
01h 69h Seagate Technologies LLC
02h 46h SeekTech
01h 23h Seiko Epson Corp.
01h E7h Seiko Instruments Inc.
01h 24h Sendo Ltd.
01h E8h Sequoia Communications Corp.
02h 9Eh SETi Co., Ltd.
03h 15h Sibridge Technologies
01h 46h Sierra Nevada Corporation
01h B4h SiGe Semiconductor, Inc.
02h 8Ch Sigma Designs
01h C5h Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft)
03h 16h Silab Tech PVT Limited
02h 04h Silicon Hive
02h 07h Silicon Hive
01h B6h Silicon Image, Inc.
02h 67h SiliconBlue Technologies Corp.
01h 74h SiliconFile Technologies, Inc.
02h A3h SiOnyx, Inc.
02h 93h SiPort,Inc.
02h 0Dh Sirf Technology
02h 28h Sirf Technology
02h A8h SiTune
01h 2Ch SMaL Camera Technologies
01h 4Fh SmediaTech
02h 29h SMSC
03h 8Bh SolidGear Corp.
01h B1h Sonaptic Ltd.
01h 8Ah Sony
01h 11h Spansion
01h D6h Spansion
02h 5Fh ST-Ericsson [an affiliate of STMicroelectronics N.V.]
01h 30h StarCore LLC
01h F2h Stretch, Inc.
02h 4Dh Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
01h 89h Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits Inc.
01h 3Ch Sunplus mMobile Inc.
02h CEh SuperPix Micro Technology Co. Ltd.
01h 25h Symbian Software Ltd.
01h 0Eh Synaptics Inc.
02h 49h Syndiant, Inc.
03h 82h Tabor Electronics Ltd.
02h C9h Tagore Technology
03h 60h Technissiom Inc.
02h BDh Teleca USA, Inc.
01h 8Dh Telechips, Inc.
02h 38h Telegent
03h 5Ah Tempo Semiconductor
03h 06h Tensorcom
02h B6h Teradici
02h F0h Terawins, Inc.
03h 63h Test and Verification Solutions
02h A9h Tianma Microelectronics (USA), Inc.
03h 29h Titan Medical Inc.
01h 32h Tomato LSI
01h 67h Toppoly Optoelectronics Corp.
01h 27h TransChip, Inc.
02h 97h TranSwitch (Israel) Ltd.
01h 0Fh TTPCom Ltd.
02h D0h TTTech Automotive GmbH
01h 9Ah Tyco Electronics
01h 56h UltraChip Inc.
02h 8Eh UltraSoC Technologies
03h 84h UniTest Inc.
03h 6Fh Veriest Solutions
02h 2Eh Verification Technology
02h 47h Verigy
03h 04h Via Technologies
02h 23h VIA Telecom
01h 4Eh VIA-Telecom, Inc.
01h 10h Vimicro Corporation
01h F9h Virage Logic Inc.
02h 0Bh Virtus Advanced Sensors
02h 16h Vista Point Technologies
01h AEh VLSI Plus, Ltd.
01h AAh Warthman Associates
01h 3Ah Wavecom S.A.
01h E9h Wavesat Inc.
01h B8h WiLinx Corp.
02h FBh Wimatek Systems, Inc.
01h 85h Winbond Electronics Corp.
01h CFh Wintek Corporation
03h 0Ch Wipam, Inc.
01h 5Eh Wisepal Technologies Inc.
01h 2Fh Wolfson Microelectronics
02h 63h Xiamen Yuzhen IC Technologies Co., Ltd.
01h 43h Xilinx
01h B9h XMOS Semiconductor Ltd.
01h 8Fh Xponent Photonics Inc.
01h A0h Yamaha Corporation
03h 96h Yuxin IC
03h 42h ZMDI America Inc.
01h 16h Zoran Corporation
02h CAh ZTE Microelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.